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pnümix Roofie-Prevention and Awareness Initiative

Share your story (Anonymously is Okay too)

The drugging of drinks by bad actors intending harm is a heinous and widespread crime. Pnü Corp. is dedicated not only to providing roofie-proof drinkware but also to helping reduce risk and spread awareness.

We are gathering data in order to push for legal changes on the State and National level to fix the systemic problems that keep this crime from being reported and tracked.

Your story can help us accomplish this mission. We appreciate the strength and courage it takes to share your experience. You can share anonymously if you’d like. Together we will help those who have been through this experience and reduce how often it occurs in the future.

Thank you for your help,

The pnümix Team


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* Your story will be received, maintained, and protected by only 2 people on our team, one of which served as an Accredited Victim Advocate for over 10 years.